Review of actual risks related to nuclear power generation [English] – Emmerich Seidelberger, BOKU University, Wien

30 years later: Health effects from Chernobyl [English] – Ian Fairlie PhD, Consultant on Environmental Radioactivity


Audio for the Introductory part of the Conference. 


Actual risks related to nuclear power generation in Europe

Risks related to flawed reactor pressure vessels in Belgian nuclear plants [English] – Ilse Tweer, material scientist

Safety risks of NPP Mochovce’s completion [Slovak] – Pavol Široký, Za matku Zem

Safety problems with Generation III reactors: the case of the French EPR [English] – Yves Marignac, WISE Paris


Audio for the Thematic Section I.


Risk prevention and liability for nuclear damages

Results of european stress test [German] – Oda Becker, nuclear safety expert

Nuclear safety directive [English] – Jan Jílek, DG Energy, European Commission

Limited liability for nuclear accidents – rationale, challenges and alternatives [English] – Tobias Heldt, Consultant on European Law


Audio for the Thematic Section II. 



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